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Bring print to life
AR Go is an online app by the Austrian creative agency The MajorDesign.


Elevate Your Brand Above the Noise!

In the boundless ocean of marketing content, floating atop and being noticed is no easy feat. Maybe you know the feeling of piles of euros sinking into unattractive flyers, characterless brochures, and boring ads, all drowning in the abyss of ineffective marketing.

Why? Because that's the course everyone sails!

To truly stand out, you need something new and exciting for your audience to enjoy. Something that will make your audience actively spend time with your brand, and associate fun experiences with it.

That way, your Investment finally meets true

Wow effect guaranteed

Static prints go unnoticed, and even dynamic online visuals no longer catch the eye as they used to.

But imagine a flyer, label, or packaging coming to LIFE. That opens up an exciting new universe, that captivates and maintains attention!

Sounds challenging or even impossible? With AR Go, it's as easy as a breeze! Simply scan an image or photo on your printed content, and enjoy the animation or video that starts to play right where the image is. Tilt your device, and the image tilts along, while the surrounding content remains visible.

Your marketing won't just be noticed – it is observed, experienced, and shared, igniting an unparalleled customer journey!

New or existing content?


Do you want to breathe new life into a video you have lying around? Or should we create something for you, from visuals to sound? Whichever it is, we have your back every step of the way!

AR Go is a product by creative agency The MajorDesign, which is specialised in the creation of animations and marketing videos. Our team of designers, cameramen, technicians, and other creative minds eagerly await to discuss how AR Go can amaze and entertain your audience to grant them unforgettable brand experiences!

Check out The MajorDesign's website here!

Try it here,
and it will become clear

Experience AR Go for yourself with this label of wine producer Lidia! Follow these three steps, and discover the power of AR Go firsthand:

  1. Scan & Start: Scan the QR code on the right bottom of the wine label with your smartphone or other mobile device to open a webpage with a camera. Welcome to AR Go!

  2. Aim to be Amazed: Aim the camera at the image on the left, and enjoy the show!

  3. Move & Marvel: When moving your device, notice how the video moves along as if it's part of your primary screen. (3).gif
Beispiel wine etiquette.jpg

In this example, you scanned a screen, but you can also bring print to life in the same manner! Print this label out, and see for yourself!

In this case, people literally got an explanation by the producer himself on a bottle.

Find out below how AR Go made a difference for numerous other brands!

AR Go in action

Packaging & Labelling

Sio fruit juice

Lidia - Wine

Business card

Gergö Fazekas - The MajorDesign

Print publicity

Hammerschmid - Poster

Newspapers & magazines

Hofer - Travel magazine

Kurier - preview on front page



Forbes - preview

Profil - podcast

Computer screen


Testimonial "Lidia"

All well and good, but of course, you want to see the fruits of your investments in AR Go. Do people really become more engaged with your brand? Do your sales indeed increase? According to wine producer Lidia, they certainly do:

"AR Go has worked very well for us. We have been using it for three years now and people obviously haven’t grown bored with the experience yet. When we take our wines to exhibitions, many people gather around our stand, even though we are a small producer. This is also because they see people scanning our wine labels with their mobile phones. They are quite amazed when they see the video on the label. They say it is like a virtual wine tasting."

"Looking at the statistics, it's interesting how the videos on each label perform very differently. But the wines themselves also vary in how well they are liked. Interestingly, there was a company that bought a large quantity from us and said that they had requested offers from similar wineries, but chose us because we have an augmented reality video on the label."

"So, next year, we would like to request videos for the new wines too, so that each bottle has the story related to the variety."

Flexible Pricing

To link a single video and image together with AR Go, we apply a standard price of €300. However, there are numerous factors that can vary this price. Consider quantity discounts, or the combination with an animation or video created by The MajorDesign.

We would love to discuss your wishes and what the anticipated cost would look like! Below, you'll find our contact details to talk about that and everything else.

Ask them!

ARe you still wondering about something? That is completely understandable!
Pose your questions here, or share whatever else with us!

Expect a response from us shortly!

Thank you! You will hear from us soon!

Let's talk!

Along with AR, a conversation is also one of the best ways of communicating. So don't hesitate to schedule a non-binding meeting with us!

We will gladly discuss your ideas, wishes, future plans and opportunities with AR Go.

Or use your phone not just to scan, but also to reach out to us on +43 660 8370149.

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